About Us

Quality Service

IOK’s greatest strength will be in our commitment to quality and service. Our plans are to hire engineers and machinist who are constantly searching for ways to improve customer’s products and processes. IOK has established an intricate quality assurance program that will guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. Every component that leaves our shop will undergo a final quality inspection in which all critical dimensions will be checked against the customer’s prints or specifications. Quality will be the number one priority at IOK Technology and we will go the extra mile to give our clients the very best.

IOK Technology LLC has the ability, by utilizing the industries leading shop management software, to track our customers’ parts through engineering, manufacturing, and shipping; enabling IOK to provide up-to-date information on a job’s status. We understand the importance of timely delivery, prompt customer service, and having the flexibility to meet special needs or requests from our clients. Our policy is simple; “Your product is our product – Your deadline is our deadline.”